Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Unit

1. Introduction
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Unit at the Monduli Teachers’ College (MoTCo)  was established together with other units and departments when MoTCo implemented its reviewed organization structure in 2008.


1.1 ICT Vision
The vision of ICT Unit at MoTCo is “to have in place a well networked, effective and efficient ICT infrastructure and Systems capable of supporting teaching and learning and core functions and operations”. In order to build learners ‟ e-confidence and achieve e-maturity as a college, integrated ICT systems will therefore operate in all aspects and areas of the college”.


1.2  ICT Mission
The mission of ICT Unit at MoTCo is “to install and maintain an effective ICT network infrastructure, Information System and Learning Management Systems. Use them to support cross cutting issues, administrative and academic activities at the college”.


2. Functions of the Unit – The main objective of the Unit is to manage, maintain and provide advice to the college on all ICT related matters.

3. Structure of the Unit – The ICT Unit at Monduli Teachers’ College is currently run by three staff, the ICT head of department who is the head of the Unit,  Senior System Administrator and System Administrator.

4. Work Plan – The unit have plans which are in line with Monduli Teachers Colleges’ five years strategic plan (2015-2020). The following are activities which have been completed
1. To redesign and update the website of the College
2. Reinstallation of the MoTCo Local Area Network so to give all users access to the internet
3. To increase the bandwidth of the LAN so as to match the current MoTCo network user demand.
4. To provide network infrastructure and other necessary equipment so as to support and sustain an online Platform Design and Development run by the College.
5. To conduct the ICT equipment need assessment, establish the gap and provide the necessary equipment to the institute LAN users.


5. Contacts
For all issues concerning the ICT Unit in the College, Please contact
The College Principal
Monduli Teachers College
P. O. BOX 05 Monduli,
Arusha – Tanzania.
Fax: +0272 538 026
Tel: +0272 538 060
Mobile: +255 763 559 333 or +255 753 026 651

E-mail:, or